Developmental Disability Center

Jill served on the Regional Center Board for 8 1/2 years. She was able to start the very special dances: the DDC Valentine Dance, the Summer Splash Dance, the any kind of a dance, any kind of a reason that she could come up with to have sit-down dinners for the Specially Abled clients, with music and prizes. Up to 1,000 clients would come to one of these gatherings. The vision and the goal was to show to the world that all people deserve beautiful and inspiring and magnificent events in their lives.

Jill also started the Christmas Wish Trees. Trees were placed throughout Orange County businesses to collect the very special gifts for clients who would never normally receive one. Jill also established, on this Board, the parent phone trees, throughout the legislative districts of California. This was for the parents and care-givers of our Developmentally Disabled clients to be aware of any issues that would come up in Congress, and they could then speak to their political entities and communicate with them in times of great need.