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Jill will customize her topic to fit your particular needs

1.The Formula For Knowing You Are In An Abusive Relationship / The 5 Warning Signs of Abuse
2. What is the Day that Turned Your Life Around?
3. Designing Your Divine Design
4. Pain Is The Unlocking Of Your Higher Self
5. Overcoming the Obstacles to Success
6. How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
7. Opening the Doors to the Portals of Your Mind
8. You Have to Work Harder on Yourself Than On Your Job
9. The Work Ethics of a Teacher
10. The Choices That You Make and the Futures That You Make With Those Choices

Client List

1. Loma Linda University
2. Cal State Long Beach
3. American Association of University Women
4. Mont La Salle Christian Brothers
5. Vantage Foundation
6. Cal State Fullerton
7. Orange County Jr. Colleges & High Schools
8. Young Americans
9. Young Women of America
10. County Music Educators Conference
11. Brand New Life Christian Center

Comments from the Audience

“I’ve never heard anyone speak like you do, sing like you do, or touch the hearts of so many people with so many different backgrounds, in my entire life.”
– Audience member

“As a student in college recently, Bill Cosby came to speak to us. Jill washed him out of the water. Absolutely no one could be as good as she is.”
– Audience member

“You have touched my life in a way that no one has ever, and I will try to remember and use everything you gave to us.”
– Audience member

“Oprah and Jill are twin souls.”
-Audience member

“The wisdom, intelligence, spirit, beauty and talent that Jill gave to us, captivated our audience from beginning to end. She had them laughing, crying and just eating out of her hand.”
– CEO, Vantage Foundation

“Do you realize what an incredible inspiration you are to every soul that you meet? You have so touched our lives in a way, we will never be the same because of it.”
– Mrs. Wood

“From helping me with co-pays, therapy sessions, behavioral and occupational therapy, programs that got my daughter ready for school and prepared her to be integrated in a regular classroom, to parent support and guidance. I firmly believe a lot of this is because of the dedication and love you poured into the Regional Center. You and your journey has inspired me. THANK YOU.”
Audience member, Brand New Life Christian Center


Studio: 714-970-0724