Tiny & Little Stars

Tiny Stars and Little Stars are the children of my students. A little scary! We do the same thing as in Shooting Stars, in miniature: acting, improvising, sharing, basically the most important thing in every class Jill teaches is the golden idea of listening and respecting each other.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars started as Tiny Stars. They have been together since they were 2 years old. They are now 12, 13 and 14. They have grown into incredible human beings, and intend to “stay together forever.” They do everything – improvs, acting, singing, performing and just life lessons.

 Goodsell Singers

The Goodsell Singers are involved in every aspect of not only their own lives, but in any performing that we have been asked to do. Our current project is taping sacred music for the monks and priests in the Mid-West, programs for their Rosary. We have performed in recitals, shows and very special events. It is a glorious time to come together, and every one of the Goodsell Singers is involved in myriad activities.

(sound clip: “Sacred Music”)

 Goodsell Singers Jr.

The Goodsell Singers Jr., as you will hear from the audio, are incredibly sophisticated performers, since they’ve all been here since they were about 2. They are also incredible human beings. Their project here was to record one of a series of songs that Jill wrote to be used in the school system for children’s self-esteem. Absolutely wonderful. It’s called “I’m A Perfect Fit.”

(sound clip: “I’m A Perfect Fit”)

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