What Is The Studio?


The Studio is Jill’s vision of a place where one can become a complete artist in the field of the Arts. More than that, to become a total person, balanced and successful as a human being.

Also, Jill wants her students to be excited about goals, not things, and to be eager and grateful. Her mission is to build self-confident, self-reliant, excited, on fire and joyous human beings who love their life and who want to make a difference in the lives of others. It is not only about getting the tools with which to achieve the path of performance, if that is chosen, but also the tools of discovering ideas that lead to keeping the excitement and magic of staying on your path, whatever you and God have chosen.

Jill is a coach and mentor. She is about bringing out the best in everyone.

The skills, the tools, the discipline are all taught on a daily basis.

The study of languages: Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Hebrew, anything at all that will help the artist to be able to communicate in his or her field wherever and whenever it is appropriate.

Jill teaches classes for all ages. The private lessons are only one phase of it. The classes and seminars include:

Wee Stars: newborn-2
Tiny Stars: ages 3-6
Little Stars: ages 7-10
Summer Stars: ages 7-12
Shooting Stars: ages 10-12
Twinkling Stars: ages 13-18
Expressway to the Stars: women ages 18 and up
The Stars: men ages 18 and up

Seminar by the Rose Garden
Seminar by the Fireplace
Napa Retreat


THE PURPOSE OF THE “OLDER CLASSES” is to build strong economic and financial success. How do you plan a career in any field? How can you do a career and make money? How do you overcome the obstacles to success? How do you build and empower yourself to walk through rejection and failure, and pick yourself up and go forward again? The topics of Intention, Goal Setting, Mastering Time, etc., are all classes that Jill teaches on an individual and on a group level. The “younger classes” sing, act, move to rhythms (The Magic Dream), perform on the Orff Instruments, do puppet shows and learn the orchestra and have a great time.

Jill’s students are all over the world. They not only perform on major stages, but are lawyers, teachers, doctors, psychologists, secretaries, etc. They are opera singers, Broadway, classical, jazz, country, blues bands, tours, etc.

Jill’s major mission at her studio is to build self-confident, self-reliant, excited, on-fire, and joyous human beings who love their life and who want to make a difference in the lives of others.


Spoken word and piano “Clair de Lune” by Jill Grande Goodsell